Be more authentic than the chicken

IMG_2365Tonight I am roasting a chicken.  One of those “Mary’s air-chilled” chickens, about which I was ridiculous enough to ask a favorite restaurant owner, “what exactly does that mean?” only to learn more about chicken-for-the-table killing than I believe I need to know. I bought it because it is cold and rainy.  Which is always cool in November, but really not cool in April when it seems to rain endlessly around here. It made me think, you know, I used to routinely toss a raw bird into the oven, but I haven’t in years. Why? I guess it’s because it is actually more  convenient to buy a Rocky Range guy with the work already done for you. Which got me to thinking about how too convenient many things can be.

A few years ago, I was at a “main stage” presentation in Las Vegas for my company. Thousands of people in one of those mostly-only-in-Vegas conference halls. A well known personality was on stage with the CEO and as they were talking away, a colleague sitting next to me got a tweet from the guy on stage. My first thought was “wow, that seems rude to be a guest interviewing a CEO and as he answers, tweet away.” My second thought was “actually that is pretty cool, he’s tweeting about what he’s discussing on stage,” but when I looked at the tweet, it was about sex.  And they weren’t talking about that (though he could have been thinking about it). So I tried to see, was he holding a device in his hand? And he wasn’t. Meaning to me, he has an army of tweeters out there.  Which while practical, you have to be careful. And about that I mean from a timing perspective. If you have people posting tweets for you, they shouldn’t post a random tweet when the boss is at a public event.  It definitely made me question the authenticity of his writings. To my communicator’s mind, inauthentic is the number one sin.

If the bird tastes as good as the one the supermarket pre-cooked, I’m sticking with the real deal. Well at least until I am required to have dinner on the table in the next 5 minutes. Then it is all about expediency.  Maybe he was just being expedient.


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